AdDuplex report for March 2018.

This month, we look at the numbers for the last month of Fall Creators Update as the newest Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 PC OS Versions Worldwide

According to our numbers, Fall Creators Update is on more than 90% of PCs now.

Numbers disclosed by Microsoft earlier this month are on a more modest side as our numbers are likely skewed towards consumer segment and enterprise users are underrepresented in our sampling. Nevertheless, Fall Creators Update is undeniably the fastest spreading update in a long time.

Windows 10 PC OS Version History

We are getting close to the release of the next Windows 10 update and 5% growth in a month for FCU looks more than adequate at this stage in the OS's lifecycle.

Note: we don't have the data for the initial rollout of the first update to Windows 10 (1511, also known as Threshold 2). So it's a straight line from 0 to the first data point we have on August 22nd, 2016.

PC OEMs Worldwide

Global PC manufacturer chart remains pretty much unchanged from 4 months ago with only minor fluctuations in shares.

Fall Creators Update by OEM

Most major PC OEMs are around the global average when it comes to Fall Creators Update install base. Notable outliers are Toshiba, MSI and Medion on the upper end, and Lenovo, with its enterprise strength, on the lower.

About this report

This report is based on data collected from around 5,000 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher). The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of March 26th, 2018 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated.

About AdDuplex

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